• Our services

    Blue Gardens Landscaping is specialized in :

    • Design, installation and maintenance of landscape works
    • Design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems
    • Installation of gazebos and shade structures
    • Construction of Green Houses
    • Specialized landscape features as per client’s requirement.
    • Installation and maintenance of Football grounds.
    • Installation of Children’s Play Equipment
    • Installation and maintenance of water and fountain features
    • Garden Lightings
    • Wooden Works & outdoor Furniture
    • Agricultural Farms
    • Hard Landscape Works

    Blue Gardens Landscaping uses modern techniques and innovative ideas in irrigation technology to make the desert bloom and provide optimum conditions for healthy plant life on a permanent basis.

    Blue Gardens Landscaping also use a fleet of modern machineries and skilled operators to keep the lawn in perfect condition and have a real in depth knowledge of trees, plants and flowers.

    Blue Gardens Landscaping employ highly qualified technical and dedicated staff to ensure the best possible services to clients.