• About Us

    Blue Gardens Landscaping is a full-service landscape establishment based in Al Ain city. We provide the best service for all your landscaping needs in all locations in UAE. Our increasing list of happy customers is a testament to the quality of the work that we provide and the commitment that we have to our work and our clients.

    Our Aims and Values
    ❖ Providing the highest quality services.
    ❖ Accommodating a wide range of budgets to match each customer.
    ❖ Keeping our customers satisfied.
    ❖Being one-stop shop for all landscaping facilities and gardens accessories.
    ❖Providing best after sale service.

    Excellent Service
    At Blue Gardens Landscaping Works, we hire only the best of the best so that the service provided to our customers is nothing short of excellent. We create a creative and personalized landscape that meets our customer’s specifications.
    Value for Your Money
    With Blue Gardens Landscaping Works, you can put away any worries that what you are paying for will not turn out to be what you wanted. Our experts take great care to discuss with the clients their priorities and never make a move until it the customer gives a go-ahead, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises when you have your landscape installed. You will get exactly what you paid for.
    Complete Solution
    We are a one-stop shop for all your landscaping needs. We make 2D and 3D landscaping designs and we provide soft cape and hardscape services to our valued clients. From design and installation to the maintenance, you will get all that you need for each of your landscaping needs. We provide you:

  • Landscaping & garden design

    At Blue Gardens Landscaping Works, we specialize in the design and implementation of exterior spaces that enhance your outdoor living experience. During the design process, our team will emphasize your unique ideas and preferences in order to create a landscape that reflects your values, taste and lifestyles. Imaginative consideration and thoughtful attention to details are integral elements in the Blue Gardens Landscaping design process. Our Design team will work hard to see that your dreams are realized.


  • Water features

    The sight of water is calming, and it provides a good retreat from a hectic day. Since you can’t always go on a trip to see beautiful water features every time you feel like it, you can certainly get the next best thing—install a water feature in your own backyard!

    What You Get by Choosing Blue Gardens Landscaping Works?

    Blue Gardens Landscaping offer you with the water feature that would provide you the best relaxing point in your very own home. The sight and sounds of the water swirling and splashing will certainly calm down your tired muscles. We provide the following water features:
    ❖ Fountains
    ❖ Illumination
    ❖ Ponds
    ❖ Waterfalls
    No matter which water feature and the type of system (automatic, semi-automatic or others) you choose you can rest assured that it will be installed with the utmost care. We skillfully manage all steps of the design and installation, from the surveying of the site, planning the concepts, and calculating the water need, to the exact cost of the equipment required.

  • Pergola and gazebo

    Have you felt the need for an extra room in your house? It could be for a cozy family meet up, or for a scrumptious barbecue party.
    An outdoor addition will increase the value of your house, and will make it a favorite gathering spot for your circle of friends or family.

    What You Get by Choosing Blue Gardens Landscaping Works?

    Blue Gardens Landscaping provide you the highest quality outdoor additions, in a wide range of services, which include:
    ❖ Outdoor Kitchens
    ❖ Pergolas and Trellises
    ❖ Outdoor Fireplaces
    ❖ Outdoor Dining Rooms
    ❖ Gazebos
    ❖ Bridges

  • Installation

    Landscape Installation

    Are you looking forward to create a new lawn or garden of your own? Or are you looking forward to liven up your office with a beautiful, eye-catching landscape?

    Look no further! Blue Gardens Landscaping Works provide you with the best quality landscape installation for homes and offices.
    From renovations, constructions, plantings, irrigation to installing a new lawn, trees, and flowers, our trained and dedicated staff excels in providing you exactly what you need.

    What You Get by Choosing Blue Gardens Landscaping Works?

    We offer our customers the most beautiful garden landscaping and garden maintenance. We offer excellent landscaping services for both commercial and residential sectors all over UAE.
    The best part with working with Blue Gardens Landscaping Works is that we accommodate a wide range of budgets. This means that you can give us a number, and we would discuss with you all the opportunities that you can get within your assigned budget.
    We make customer satisfaction a priority, which is why our team will first discuss with you what you want. Once they have a clear understanding of your requirements, they use their creative minds and skilled hands, and move on to making your wishes come true.

    Hardscape Installation

    A bland outdoor spacing is unattractive to the eye. With the right hardscape, you can make your outdoor space of your home or office a sight to behold.

    What You Get by Choosing Blue Gardens Landscaping Works?

    We choose the material, design, and texture that will make your outdoor space stand out.
    Our crew takes special care to understand your needs and then to install the hardscape that works perfectly with the architecture of your home or office.
    Blue Gardens Landscaping Works provides the following services in hardscape installation:
    ❖ Arbors
    ❖ Stacked Stone Walls
    ❖ Stonescapes
    ❖ Terraces
    ❖ Walkways
    ❖ Wood Decks
    ❖ Concrete
    ❖ Driveways
    ❖ Patios
    ❖ Paver & Stone Work

  • Maintenance

    The maintenance of your landscape is necessary in order to provide a healthy environment for the plantation to grow and flourish. In the case of a landscape that has been recently installed, regular maintenance becomes even more necessary because the new plants need to be protected from various insects and diseases.

    What You Get by Choosing Blue Gardens Landscaping Works?

    Lavender Landscaping Works provide maintenance services for both residential and commercial landscapes. We work according to your schedule and ease and provide services in weekly and seasonal basis, which covers everything that you would need to check for the proper maintenance of your landscape. From deep hand pruning, weeding, insect control, disease management, ground cover control, fertilization to the general landscape cleanup and mowing of the lawn, our skilled crew leaves no stone unturned in providing the best care to your lush landscape.

  • Lighting

    The perfect lighting can transform your landscape from a scary place at night to a beautiful place to walk and relax. Lighting is also necessary for safety purposes so that you can walk around without fear of tripping and wounding yourself.

    What You Get by Choosing Blue Gardens Landscaping Works?

    Blue Gardens Landscaping provide you the state-of-the-art lighting that will light up your landscape at night and enhance the beauty of your home. You can utilize the full value of your beloved landscape even at night. We provide the following services in landscape lighting:

    • Architectural and Plant Accenting
    • Grazing and Moon Lighting
    • Path, Spot and Area Lighting
    • Shadowing Silhouetting
    • Up or Down Lighting
  • Irrigation

    In Gulf Countries, the conditions of the climate makes it vital to install a properly designed and running irrigation network in a landscape. Without this, your landscape would become barren in a short period of time.


    What You Get by Choosing Blue Gardens Landscaping Works?

    We understand that the requirement of water changes according to the types and sizes of plants, the turf grass area, location of your landscape (the amount of sun it receives) and other factors. This is why the irrigation system that Blue Gardens Landscaping Works provide is designed specifically according to these factors, so that all the species of your plantation gets the amount of water they need.
    From houses to parks, we are skilled to provide the irrigation system that each landscape requires.
    We use only the best quality of materials to install the irrigation system, so that you can enjoy your landscape without any worry that comes along with the use of degraded materials.

  • Are You Looking for a Great Landscape Service Provider?

    Our vision is to grow and expand our service offerings throughout the greater gulf region through affiliated offices. In order to accomplish our vision and better serve our clients and community our employees will be provided with the latest in landscape equipment and technology, support and encouragement in seeking professional growth and educational opportunities that are focused on various areas of landscape architecture, horticulture, project management, team building and leadership skills. We will further achieve our vision by providing our employees with a business environment that cultivates a sense of family, community, teamwork and advancement opportunities designed to promote long-term employee retention and loyalty